Meet the Designers

We’re Alma and Farai, Designers and Founders of One Blue Studio. Together, we are creative problem-solvers who provide a depth of knowledge in design, expertise powered by experience, and effective communication focused on listening.

What we love most about what we do is being able to help fellow entrepreneurs create brands that they are confident in and excited to show off. Nothing inspires us more than working with women who truly believe in their products/ services.

Our goal is to deliver brand communications that tell and share stories, stories that enhance both the mind and body with our unique, creative style.

Outside the Studio

When Alma is not busy being a creative nerd, she loves binge-watching a “hearty” Netflix series, reading, playing tennis, cooking, or putting her newest hobby to good use photography!

Being the sports fan that he is, when Farai is not designing, he enjoys watching a great sporting event—usually golf, Formula 1, Football, or Tennis or you can find him at the driving range.

Fun Fact – We met in the 1st grade in junior school (1996) and our class was called Grade 1 Blue, hence the name One Blue Studio.